This beautiful city of Valencia is not too far for sea lovers – embracing amazing weather, terrific beaches, and attractive golden sandy shores. The wide clean beaches look vibrant with having pleasant weather all year round because of its perfect location between Barcelona and Benidorm near the Mediterranean Sea. It is full of rich and varied culture, history and architecture waiting to be discovered. Calatrava’s City of Arts, Santa Maria de Valencia Cathedral and Plaza de La Virgen are very lively places, gives the city a very modern and trendy ambiance.

Virginity of Malvarrosa Beach – A Real Gem

If you are really interested in experiencing and enjoying the authenticity of its wonderful beaches then visit Malvarrosa Beach, no one can overlook miles of golden sand and crystal clear blue water seen here. It remains largely undeveloped yet offers a safe and relaxed local feel. There are a number of restaurants with all the facilities from where one can enjoy an excellent view of the beach along with delicious food.

A visit to Valencia can be an academic excursion with its 15 amazing museums

Many visitors come to the city to admire its historic artifacts, sculptures, drawings, paintings, and also to learn as much of the world and Valencia. There are few museums which attract tourists to Valencia every year such as City of Arts and Science – a home to a science museum filled with hundreds of hands-on exhibits and cultural and architectural sites; Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia – works of beauty is not the only attraction, it has an architecturally stunning building: St. Pius V Palace, set the foundation in 17th century. Apart from these two, it has 13 more museums which open many doors to display the culture and history of Valencia.

Food – There is no short of Valencia’s food lovers

One can discover a lot of great mouthwatering eats in Valencia everywhere. Much of the food of Valencia has the same resemblance one can find throughout Spain. If you really want to relish the true taste of Valencia food then never miss tasting Paella – a popular rice stew with chicken and beans. Valencia is the place from where this great recipe originated. There is another food in the list Fideua – It is for those who do not like rice but still want to enjoy the same taste of Paella. It is made with noodles instead of rice. When Fideua is combined together with seafood forms a perfect dish that has a little spicy twist and this twist is what that becomes a great treat for Valencia’s food lovers.

If you are fonder of drink than the food then must try the orange taste of Agua de Valencia, basically made with orange juice, cava, vodka, and gin. However, you will find a slightly different taste from place to place. It is most often served in a pitcher rather than a glass. You can find it anywhere in Valencia or Spain.

There are a lot more fantastic and tasty dishes to try out in Valencia apart from the mentioned ones. There are many restaurants around the city which are easily accessible and within the reach of new tourists.

So, if you visit Valencia, never forget to give a stop at the restaurant.

Unique in Culture – nowhere in the rest of Spain

When it comes to culture and traditions, Valencia is rather different from the rest of Spain – having their own language, traditional dress, and festivals that are nowhere else. It has a quite rich culture that is the melting pot of modern and historic culture which is rare to be seen. Their bullfighting festival known as Corrida is still much alive and fairly popular. There are 3 seasons held every year, in which a man attempts to kill a bull based on certain rules. Most of the bullfighting events are arranged in the Plaza de Toros – an incredible venue where various musical and cultural events are organized all year round.

Las Fallas mega festival – demonstrate a complete picture of the unique culture of Valencia where the whole city transforms into a beautiful art gallery. A series of exciting works are performed that are followed by thrilling fireworks, incredible traditional costumes, and parades. The entire city of Valencia eagerly waits for this great festival of Las Fallas and spends the whole year in planning the party and constructing those wooden structures that are used for organizing the artwork.

La Tomatina, Maritime Easter Parade, music, dance, ceramic art, and costumes altogether add different colors and tastes to the culture of Valencia that no one can forget after seeing its true expression.


Diversity of landscapes, favorable weather, beautiful beaches, and amazing spices and food are not only the things that attract the tourists to Valencia, but it also has lots more to offer to the visitors for making their trip a great experience of life.