In today’s economy, travel is getting more and more expensive. Thinking of planning a vacation for family can be difficult for those having low budget. But if you look at the different angles of travel planning, you may get some luxurious options at shoestring budget. There are lots of money saving travel tips and tricks that actually work.

Here, in a nutshell, is all money saving travel tips that ensure your hard-earned money will go far.

Choose the Cheapest Day to Fly

The flights ticket price varies depending on the time, day and month, if you research well, you will be surprised to see those days when ticket price is cheapest. You only need to be flexible with those days and timings and can save a tons of money with a little effort.

Prefer Not to Travel During Peak Season

During peak season, as the number of tourists goes high, the travel cost also gets affected. If you are planning to visit a destination on the eve of New Year is certainly a good idea, but if you can schedule your trip after the festive season, can make a huge difference in travel cost be it is flights ticket, hotel room, or taxi or car booking.

Savings on Food

If you research restaurants in the area before leaving on vacation, you can list those restaurants that have reasonable charges. It’s a better idea than directly moving to a restaurant and paying much higher price.

There is one more way to save money which we all easily overlook and that is asking for the discount coupon from the guide. However, usually the discount coupon bears the value of 20% to 30% only but still it’s better than paying the whole amount.

You can look for lodging that comes with kitchen, if you are going with family then it is a quite good option to save on food.

Booking Local Rental Car

Prefer not to make any booking for rental car from your home location or nearby location, make sure you do it locally from the destination when you are actually there. Local car rental agencies can offer great deals to minimize your travel budget. If you do the same thing from your home location, it will only increase your budget because a car operator from your home town will have to cover up a longer distance. If you hire them locally, they are going to charge the local fare which is quite lesser.

Choose Apartment Instead of Hotel

Renting an apartment is the best way to save thousands of dollars which you can spend on other things on the trip. Rental apartments come with cheaper rates than hotels and the best thing is that they give you a home like feeling. Nowadays, there are many rental apartment service providers available online; with them, you can make bookings from the comfort of your home.

Sharing Hotel Room with a Friend

Generally rental of one room for one person is same as it is for two persons. Instead of renting two separate rooms for two persons, it is good to hire only one room and stay together with your friend. It will charge you the same rental which you will pay for one person only.

Do Bookings on Your Own

Booking through a travel agent may charge you some amount as a commission, so, rather than getting it done through an agent, it is better you do it on your own or do it online where you will need to pay only the actual amount. This way you can look at other options also for price comparison.

Train Tickets – Cheapest Tickets

A train ticket can be cheaper than the car rental if you research well. There are train tickets for indirect route to a destination which are cheaper than the train ticket that goes through direct route. It can be your choice if you are not in a hurry to reach your destination.

Pack Smartly to Reduce the Baggage Fees

You can easily get escaped from paying unnecessary luggage charges if you do your packing smartly. Try to wear maximum items instead of putting them in your bag. If you go with a luggage jacket that can hold maximum of your things inside your jacket that will save you on those extra charge you will pay for luggage. The charge for luggage is according to the weight of luggage; so, try to keep your luggage as light as possible.

Avoid Staying at City’s Center Locations

All kinds of services are usually expensive in city’s center locations whether it is about booking hotel rooms or booking a dining table. It would be better if you choose those locations which are far from city area. It’s going to be cheaper in all terms with all of those comforts which you desire to enjoy on your stay at the destination.

So, I hope this season you are going to save a significant amount on your vacations or it may be possible you can enjoy two vacations this year instead of one. How good you are going to feel if you make it a reality.