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PARIS “the City of Lights”

A sightseeing tour of Paris unveils the gems it hides and simply leaves you awe-struck with its beautiful and captivating tourist destinations and when you have HotelGuide to offer assistance, you cannot go wrong or miss out on anything that deserves your time.

JAPAN “full of natural charm”

Get mesmerized with scenic beauty, Calm River, lush green landscapes and cherry blossoms at “The Dream Destination – JAPAN”. Explore Japan in a Unique Way with our tailor made Japanese Vacation Packages that take you to the hidden havens of Japan and many unusual locations.




Sydney – it is truly a place of royal beauty and elegant style. The peaceful and tranquil harbor, the rocky parklands, warm tropical climate and wealth of captivating charm and rejuvenating ambiance tempt many travelers to take flights to Sydney. Great deals from HotelGuide awaiting you!

REASONS - to love about world

The world is an amazing place indeed! With numerous attractions, adventure activities, sightseeing excursions, and places to go, there is really no end to fun and amusement! WE bring an exciting mix of luxury hotels, cheapest airline tickets with our special holiday packages.







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